Lavazza Introduces:
Expert Range

Your one-touch office barista 

A barista for your office

Bring the taste and pleasure of a real Italian espresso or a perfect coffee to your office. With Lavazza Expert you can choose your favourite drinks, from espresso to cappuccino to coffee. At the touch of a button, enjoy a new premium coffee solution to add an authentic Italian experience to your workday.

Coffee and more

Elevate your staff members’ coffee break to savour the real Italian coffee experience: Expert machines are able to create the perfect cup for every moment of the day.  Expert machines provide a unique coffee experience with fresh milk coffee recipes, such as macchiatos, cappuccinos and lattes. Treat your staff members to a new premium coffee experience tailored to their tastes.

The flavours of quality

Indulge every day with the most aromatic, balanced and intense blends.  Our Expert capsule range provides a variety of flavours and unique notes. From the fruity hints in our light roast to the caramel aftertaste in our dark roast, discover which blend delights your palate.

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Classy Mini

The perfect choice for your small or home office. Enjoy an authentic Italian espresso or lungo with the touch of a button.


Classy Plus

Ideal for small offices and conference rooms, providing fresh milk-based beverages, espresso and 235 ml (8 oz.) coffee.


Classy Pro

Perfect for medium-sized offices. Offering a variety of fresh milk recipes and coffees with the touch of a button. Available in pour-over and plumbed versions.



The largest machine in the Expert range, capable of providing espresso, coffee and all fresh milk-based beverages for your large office.  It takes just the touch of a button to brew the perfect cup of coffee.  Direct water connection option available.


Coffee is not just coffee

Every coffee is a discovery. We developed our Expert capsules to cover all the tasting areas: aromatic for fruity and floral notes, balanced for hazelnut and enhanced body, and intense for bold flavour and cocoa notes.


Every sip is a pleasure

Enjoy a wide range of hot beverages. A café experience that can now be had in your office with the touch of a button.  Discover our bold espressos, smooth filter and decadent fresh milk beverages, such as cappuccinos and lattes.

The unique one-touch barista machine range will give you a full coffee solution for your office.