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Homemade iced coffee recipe

2/3 minutes

As summer approaches, there’s a drink that coffee lovers can’t wait to taste to quench their thirst. We are taking about iced coffee, a delicious, chilled variant of coffee served cold. After seeing how the best iced coffee is prepared, let's see the step-by-step recipe below!

What is iced coffee

Iced coffee is no doubt one of the most renewed and appreciated coffee-based drinks, combining the strong, intense aroma of your most beloved beverage and a hint of cooling pleasure. Admittedly, few things can be as refreshing and revitalizing as a morning tall glass filled with a sweet and delightful iced coffee!

First, high quality coffee is required. The choice you made in terms of blend is a key point, since it has to do with your personal tastes. On one hand, you could go for an intense, full-bodied taste enveloping your senses, while on the other a more bitter, sharp, and fresh flavour is an option you might consider (rivedere).  While almost all qualities are just fine, many coffee aficionados claim dark roasted coffee, with its bitter yet persistent aroma, is to be considered as the best choice. When using espresso , it will provide a stronger flavour and the shots will blend with the ice instantly, creating a tempting cold liquid right away.

Regardless of the quality of coffee you choose, brewing it the night before is highly recommended. This makes it possible for your freshly coffee beans to be at room temperature when morning breaks. Grinding them yourself certainly makes it all even tastier, though instant coffee works just fine if you’re in a rush! 

Sugar? Milk? Ice? The right ingredients

Sugar: you can use both regular granulated sugar and brown sugar, but also go for a flavoured syrup for some additional sweetness, picking a suitable flavour among the many ones you can choose vanilla is definitely one of the most popular and best matching options, nonetheless cinnamon and hazelnut definitely worth a try.

Milk: milk will make your iced coffee frothy on top and creamier then ever! If you are wondering what kind of milk you need to use, that is at your leisure! Since any kind of milk works well, you can go for regular one or any other at your choice, though whole milk is preferred! Nonetheless, almond and coconut milk are likely a flavourful alternative!        

Ice: when it comes to ice, you are facing a few options: crushed ice, medium-sized ice cubes and blocks of large ice work just fine, while the best one is probably making your own coffee ice cubes by cooling the beverage after pouring it in an ice tray and freezing it. They will prevent you from getting a watered-down effect while you are savouring your amazing, iced coffee!

The instructions

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to brew your tasty and refreshing homemade ice coffee:

Brew a 200 ml cup of coffee according to your taste.

  • Pour it into a blender with the milk along with 2 or 3 handfuls of ice and syrup at leisure.
  • Blend until your drink gets deliciously smooth and foamy.
  •  Pour into a tall glass. Time to enjoy!

You can also mix all the ingredients in the blender to make it creamier:

  • Add ice, cold milk, espresso (as per last to avoid melting of the ice) – add flavouring syrup if desired
  • Blend for 30 sec
  • Pour it into a tall glass

It is just as easy as it looks! Your delightful homemade iced coffee will totally blow your mind cooling you off from the summer heat!


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