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The Italian coffee icons with CO2 Emissions Offset

The excellence of Lavazza’s blends in new CO2 Emissions Offset Capsules*. Lavazza offsets the CO2 emissions of this product.

*Lavazza is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso

High quality, low CO2 emission

Carbon-offsetting aluminum capsules


Tradition and future are now combined in one capsule: authentic coffee flavour now carbon-offsetting


With our new compatible aluminium capsules, true excellence now comes with respect for the environment.


Preserving the distinctive aroma of our coffee, together with the uniqueness of our Planet.


Full-bodied or delicate: your coffee ritual comes in a variety of aromas and flavours.

A world that destroys the gifts of nature is one I do not belong in.

Luigi Lavazza


Sustainable is not just who we are but how we live.

Thanks to those cooperating with us, we have been able to create a continuous cycle wherein innovation in product and process, qualitative excellence and sustainability all build upon each other.

Join us and discover the joy of sustainability.


Our certifications

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the Lavazza Experience. Whether your favourite is Qualità Rossa ground or whole beans, the important thing is to live sustainably, even as you sip that very first coffee of the day. Check out our sustainability certifications.

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