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From Mexico to Paris: the incredible story of Beatriz Gonzales and her encounter with Lavazza.

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The renowned chef Beatriz Gonzales has been passionate about food since she was a child and was drawn to the world of top gastronomy from a very young age. Nowadays, her dishes are generous and delicate, where even the smallest details are carefully taken care of. Much to her enthusiasm, some people go as far as describing her cuisine as feminine, and Beatriz can only agree.

You can enjoy her cuisine together with a cup of Lavazza espresso in Paris, at Chef Gonzales’ Neva Cuisine restaurant.

Let’s find out where and how it all started!

Originally from Mexico, Beatriz Gonzales completed her culinary studies in France. She enrolled at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, and then completed an apprenticeship at the InterContinental in Cannes followed by another one at the Pierre Orsi restaurant. After making a name for herself in France, Gonzales left Lyon to learn Italian and spend six months in Florence.

Once in Italy, her career took off rapidly when she was hired at Lucas Carton, a restaurant with three Michelin stars. Its famous head chef, Alain Senderens, had transformed this restaurant into a luxury brasserie, earning two Michelin stars after its first year. The young chef devoted body and soul to following this frantic rhythm for 5 years.

At age 26, she was offered the position of Deputy Sous Chef at La Grande Cascade. Enticed by the prospect, she joined chef Frédéric Robert’s team. Four years later, accompanied by Yannick Tranchant, the Pastry Chef at La Grande Cascade, she left the prestigious establishment to forge her own path.

Together with her husband Matthieu Marcant and her friend chef Yannick, she opened her first restaurant in Paris, Neva, and after only three years she opened her second, Coretta.

As her culinary experience expanded, she also became chef at Le Rive Droite, the famous restaurant in La Grande Epicerie de Paris.

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