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Pastry Chef Tranchant’s love for Lavazza

The secret behind Tranchant’s light and delightful signature desserts.

By Lavazza Team 2/3 minutes

Paris native Yannick Tranchant is currently one of the main Pastry Chefs in the world. In his restaurant Neva Cuisine, where you can also find Lavazza coffee, he expresses his creativity through his dishes. With simplicity and coherence, he marries tastes, textures and temperatures. When choosing ingredients, there are no complex or ostentatious flavours. His light and sumptuous desserts are his signature products.

Tranchant’s passion for food surfaced early in life when, after finishing his culinary studies, he discovered the world of French pastries in the restaurant where his sister worked, the Sheraton Hotel in Roissy, where he later took up the position as its Pastry Chef.

While seeking out new sources of inspiration, Tranchant worked for six months in a gourmet French restaurant in Ireland before heading back to France to become the Second Pastry Chef at La Grande Cascade. After only two years at this job, Tranchant was promoted to the position of Head Pastry Chef.

During his time in France, the most crucial eight years of his career, Yannick met Beatriz Gonzalez, the Deputy Sous Chef originally from Mexico. It was then that the duo, whose gastronomic worlds and styles so complemented each other, chose to break free and open their own restaurant. In July 2011, Gonzales and Tranchant, along with Gonzalez’ husband Mathieu Marcant, opened Neva Cuisine.

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