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Lavazza Calendar 2006 by Ellen Von Unwerth

By Lavazza Team 3 minutes


Born in 1954 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her works are a distinctly sensual and playful version of fashion and glamour photography. In addition to her career as a photographer, film producer and video director, she has collected her works in various books and two photo comics, often accompanied by exhibitions around the world. Her photographs have been included in numerous international exhibitions.

The sensual advertising campaigns for Guess in the early nineties were the springboard for her commercial career and many other campaigns followed, including a series of advertisements for Sex and the City. Von Unwerth has also ventured into the world of directing short films and commercials.


Women, travel, dreams. After the 1995 calendar, Ellen von Unwerth also put her name to the 2006 edition, which speaks of luxury and the glamorous era of flying, when the sky was for the few and the imagery was filled with exotic havens, coffee cocktails, smiles and expectations. Ellen von Unwerth’s photographs with their ironic and provocative yet always elegant and sensual style appear in the most important magazines of the industry. In addition to photography, she spends time making short films and music videos.

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