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Lavazza Calendar 2004 by Thierry Le Gouès

By Lavazza Team 3 minutes


Born in Brest in 1964, Le Gouès began his career as a fashion photographer in 1986 working with Condé Nast Italia, Vogue and Men’s Vogue. He then collaborated with other prestigious and important newspapers. Le Gouès is one of the founders of the magazine “French Revue de Modes” and has also created numerous international advertising campaigns. He currently lives in Paris.


In the 2004 calendar, the espresso cup goes into orbit and Le Gouès, the photographer chosen for this edition, recreates a world made of coffee and sugar, loosely inspired by the pop and sci-fi imagery of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The intergalactic journey leads us to a physical and mental space on the edge of fantasy. Thierry Le Gouès is known mainly as a fashion photographer and author of renowned advertising campaigns. He is distinguished by two works of fine art: Soul, inspired by Black Africa, in which female nudes are sculptures of ebony and light, and Popular, which gives its viewers a new vision of Cuba.

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