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Lavazza Calendar 1998 by Marino Parisotto

By Lavazza Team 3 minutes


Born to Italian parents in Toronto in 1963. He followed his family when they returned to Italy and, once established in Milan, studied economics and commerce at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. He started work as an executive in an advertising agency specializing in fashion and design where he immediately came into contact with important companies. He began his career as a photographer relatively late, but has been surprisingly fruitful. He has shot prestigious brands in the fashion world and photographed actors such as Hugh Grant and Eva Mendez.

Parisotto loves natural light and great open spaces like deserts and the sea. His photography is focused on action and the power of seduction. His work is romantic, visionary, elegant and never vulgar. He lives and works between New York, Paris and Milan.


For calendar number 6, the photographer Marino Parisotto chose the title of Donizetti's famous opera to allude to the various aspects of coffee’s personality – passion, romance, drama and poetry. The subjects often underline the “masculinity” of the beverage through an iconic and statuesque masculine presence. Marino Parisotto began as a fashion photographer. His advertising campaigns are characterized by a powerful, romantic and visionary style that tends to show beauty in all its forms.

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