Discovering sustainability
Good coffee is like a great story, it’s a pleasure to be shared.

It was during a 1935 trip to South America that Luigi Lavazza expressed his disappointment at seeing the destruction of entire coffee crops that had gone unsold, an experience that affected him deeply and ultimately shaped his vision of how business should be conducted. Since then, Lavazza has paid careful attention to the economic, human, environmental, and cultural heritage of the countries in which we work. Over the years, this has translated into concrete action in support of producers and their communities, as well as meaningful assistance for organizations operating across the globe. How did we do it? By sharing our vision and commitment with internal and external stakeholders.

Thanks to the help of all the people who cooperate with us to improve and create a path to sustainable growth, Lavazza’s objective is to create a continuous cycle in which innovation in product and process, qualitative excellence, and sustainability feed each other.

“A world that destroys the goods of nature is one I do not belong in”




Our commitment
For over four generations, the Lavazza family’s business approach has been shared with producers, partners, collaborators, and consumers. Because sustainability is a shared responsibility, Lavazza wants to continue along this path of involving all its stakeholders.
The Lavazza Foundation
Founded in 2004, The Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Onlus Foundation promotes and implements projects of economic, social and environmental sustainability to favour coffee producing communities around the world.
The Sustainability Report
To report on the company’s social and environmental performance, Lavazza has published a Sustainability Report every year, since 2014.






Coffee Study Program
A journey from Turin to the Dominican Republic, to discover the world of sustainable coffee