Together for the Community
Lavazza and International Coffee Partners aim to solve the problem of the productivity of the Indonesian territory, through support and training operations within the communities.
The challenge

The Indonesian archipelago is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. There are at least five million coffee producers who need to learn good agricultural practices and learn basic information in order to access the market.

In recent years, the aging of plants has led to a decline in productivity and has led to the coffee farmers’ communities struggling to survive.

Make the production and sale of coffee a profitable business for communities.

Make production sustainable from an environmental point of view, and resistant to climate change.
The answer

Through International Coffee Partners, the Lavazza Foundation has supported a project aimed at creating 21 farmers' organizations and financial savings and credit plans.

In addition, it has contributed to the foundation of 15 organizations within which the producers are trained in the quality of coffee and in market access, thus receiving the tools to increase their profits and improve their living conditions.