Learn to grow
The Lavazza Foundation is committed to helping small producers in a remote area of Brazil, so as to encourage the economy of coffee and stop the emigration of young people, giving them a trade and a territory to live in.
The challenge

Small coffee producers in Minas Gerais face serious difficulties in harvesting coffee, due to inefficiencies in production and isolation in the processing.
The consequence is the production of a low-quality product, which is sold at a below average price.

This problem, coupled with the lack of knowledge and entrepreneurial skills and the high costs of production, causes coffee production to be seen as an activity which makes an excessively low profit, encouraging young people to abandon the land.

Although this is an opportunity, it also presents several challenges due to the low level of organization and of technical or financial support. As a result, productivity remains low, along with producers' incomes.

In addition, farmers' organizations are in turn in a situation of weakness and remoteness from the market.

Contribute to the increase in the income of coffee producers in Minas Gerais.

Improve market access.

Adaptation to climate change
The answer

Through its intervention, the Lavazza Foundation is committed to structuring farmers into collective organizations, strengthening and improving governance, management and operations. Within organizations, producers can learn concepts that support them in their production business and in their trade.