Alongside the youth of the slums
The Lavazza Foundation is at the forefront of changing the future of young people from the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, along with Save the Children.
The challenge

There are many teenagers in Calcutta who live in slums and unhealthy urban districts which lack basic sanitation and sanitary facilities.

Lavazza and Save the Children have pledged to create opportunities for some of the most marginalized adolescents from disadvantaged areas, saving them from conditions of abuse and exploitation, with the aim of introducing them into the world of sustainable employment.

Offer professional training to 100 marginalized teenagers from Calcutta aged between 17 and 20.

Support the beneficiary teenagers in entering the world of work.
The answer

The project allowed us to reach over 101 vulnerable teenagers and offer them 240 hours of training and subsequent support for inclusion in the world of work.

In October 2017, moreover, Lavazza made its trainers available to teach the project's beneficiaries the basic techniques to become a barista and to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the world of coffee.