1,000 days to smile
Small gestures that can do so much.
Lavazza fights malnutrition in India, involving associations and institutions to change the fate of thousands of children.
The challenge

The Lavazza Foundation supports Save the Children in the fight against malnutrition in India through the “1,000 days” approach.

The interventions put in place during the 270 days of pregnancy and the first 730 days (two years) of the child's life are fundamental, because contracting malnutrition and diseases during this period can cause damage that impairs healthy physical and mental growth.

Fighting malnutrition through the 1,000-day approach.

Involving civil society in advocacy activities with institutions.

Promoting inclusive access to mother-and-child health and nutrition services.
The answer

Through International Coffee Partners, the Lavazza Foundation has supported a project aimed at creating 21 farmers' organizations and financial savings and credit plans.

In addition, it has contributed to the foundation of 15 organizations within which the producers are trained in the quality of coffee and in market access, thus receiving the tools to increase their profits and improve their living conditions.