The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

In the world’s best restaurants, they drink Lavazza

The restaurant crowned the winner by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 was Osteria Francescana under Massimo Bottura, our brand ambassador since 2013. In fact, the annual classification drawn up by over a thousand culinary experts has been providing snapshots of unique and diverse culinary destinations ever since 2002. Thanks to its panel of over 1,000 culinary experts, the annual list of the world’s best restaurants provides a snapshot of some of the must-visit destinations for anyone who wants to try unique and diverse culinary experiences. In 2017, not only was Lavazza the sponsor of the event, but it also emerged as the star of the initiative along with Massimo Bottura.

The coffee ritual, revisited 

In fact, the three-starred chef from Modena drew inspiration from the quality and versatility of Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! blend, to win over his guests with candied bergamot, capers, oregano, almond granita, sea salt, lemon rind and coffee powder. “Come to Italy with me – Vieni in Italia con me” was the savory reinterpretation of the traditional Sicilian granita, served in a Lavazza Puraforma espresso cup. This was a dish that sought to call the most commonly held convictions about coffee into question, being savory rather than sweet, cold rather than hot, and served at the beginning of a meal rather than at its end. In this way, Lavazza once again confirmed itself as the brand chosen for top gastronomy worldwide, thanks also to its Training Center, the first Espresso school founded in Italy in 1979, which has devoted itself for over 30 years to experimentation with coffee and which can today boast of 50 branches all over the world.