Ferran Adrià

You can find our coffee in these restaurants:

ElBulli Foundation (Barcelona) and Heart (Ibiza). 

Ferran Adrià (born in Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona, 1962), food philosopher and guru of international gastronomy. With his elBulli Foundation, he created an innovative center for gastronomic research which aimed to study and catalogue all of the culinary knowledge in the world: an extraordinary undertaking which places innovation at center stage on all levels, tying together all the interdisciplinary networks of knowledge.

His collaboration with Lavazza began in 2000, when the Company launched the special Coffee Design trend, thanks to which coffee was officially introduced to the world of top gastronomy.

Included by Time magazine among its 100 most influential people in the world, and the holder of honorary degrees, in recent years Adrià has radically altered the world of contemporary haute cuisine.    

The creative method which he devised at the elBulli restaurant, where he arrived way back in the year 1984, thanks to a meeting with Juli Soler and which he brought into the international limelight for over 30 years with unanimous acclaim, has now become the basis for new research projects. The full story and all the materials relating to the 1,846 recipes he created over his years of gastronomic creativity will be visible in the Cala Montjoi Foundation, opening in late 2019.

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