Davide Oldani

You can find our coffee in these restaurants:

D’O, new D’O (Cornaredo) and Oldani Cafè (Malpensa Airport). 

The name Davide Oldani is inextricably linked to the pop cuisine which he is renowned for having developed.

In 2003 he opened his restaurant D’O in his hometown of Cornaredo, in the province of Milan.

After one year in business, the most authoritative gastronomic guides listed him among the leading chefs of Italian cuisine.

Before opening D’O, his experiences had seen him rubbing shoulders with Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Hermé.    

There isn’t a chef on the planet who doesn’t aim for the stars: the recipes of Davide Oldani, Pietro Leeman and Dennis Zoppi for Coffee In Space

In December 2008, he received the Ambrogino d’oro medal from the City of Milan.

In November 2013, he was invited to Harvard to describe his experience as an entrepreneur, following a case history of his restaurant that had been published in the Harvard Business School Review. The university’s economic experts, believe that his approach to and organization of work are applicable to many categories, not just to restaurants.

May 2014 saw the birth of the Davide Oldani Cafè, a coffee bar which opened in the new Piazza del Lusso area of the Malpensa Airport in Milan.

In 2015, he gave a lecture at the HEC Business School in Paris, was nominated an EXPO 2015 Ambassador and participated in the World Business Forum in Milan as a speaker.

He has published ‘Cuoco andata e ritorno’ (A Chef There and Back; 2008), ‘La mia cucina pop, L’arte di caramellare i sogni’ (My Pop Cuisine, The Art of Caramelising Dreams; 2009), POP, ‘La nuova grande cucina italiana’ (POP, The New Great Italian Cuisine; 2010), ‘Il giusto e il gusto’ (Good and Tasty; 2012), ‘Storie di sport e cucina’ (Stories of Sport and Cuisine; 2013), ‘CheFacile’ (SoEasy; 2013), ‘Pop Food’ (2015), ‘D’O eat better’ (2016).


He has been collaborating with the monthly magazine ‘La Cucina Italiana’ (The Italian Kitchen) for 16 years. Every week he writes a column on pop cuisine and sport for the magazine Sport Week, and he contributes to the blog ‘Chiacchierando con Gusto’ (Talking about Taste), belonging to IoDonna, the supplement for women from the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

In 2016 he launched one restaurant in Manila and another in Singapore as well as opening his new D’O, an evolved version of its predecessor, in order to allow him to create ‘greater’ cuisine, worthy of comparison with any within Italy or further afield. In the summer of the same year, he was nominated Food & Sport Ambassador by CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee), and named as chef for the Italian team at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

His work as a designer, born out of his everyday observations of guests, mirrors his work as a cook: tables, seats, plates, cutlery and glasses are all POP-inspired—simple, functional and elegant.

The brands created for his designs are: “IDish” — “assiette D’O” — “H2D’O”. The new formats are: “FOO’D” — “Davide Oldani Cafè” — “CucinaPOP”.

It was through studying and collaborating with the most renowned chefs in Italy and in Europe, such as Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Hermé, that his passion for and creativity in the kitchen was stimulated.

By swiping some small secrets from each of his teachers, Oldani has managed to create a philosophy all of his own: pop cuisine. An economical way of cooking which is also full of flavor, suitable for showing off the value of the most natural tastes of our tradition, but savoring their goodness from a different perspective.

Davide Oldani has revealed that it was in fact Gualtiero Marchesi who first pushed him towards a certain way of understanding his profession, while Albert Roux made him understand the importance and delicacy of French cuisine.

Another important teacher of Oldani’s was Alain Ducasse, who showed him the managerial aspect which goes hand in hand with the chef’s profession, while Pierre Hermé revealed to him the final secret: the importance of pastries in French cuisine.

The concept at the heart of Oldani’s POP cuisine lies in working with high quality materials with an exceptional technique, with the intention of best showcasing the tastes that everybody is familiar with, but nobody has really tasted in great depth.

“A way to bring even the most skeptical closer the world of cuisine, but without seeming too exclusive.”

Davide Oldani’s special recipe for Identità Golose

Ristorante D’O

Davide Oldani’s cuisine is POP: born out of the desire to blend together the simple and the well-made, what is good and what is accessible, innovation and tradition. For this reason, the menus of Ristorante D’O are a constant balance of contrasts, with promises of sweetness in savory creations and ‘memories’ of the savory in sweet ones.

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