The Cerea Brothers

You can find our coffee in these restaurants:

Da Vittorio (Brusaporto) and Bistrot Vicook (Orio al Serio Airport). 

 It would be difficult to find a menu that is the fruit of teamwork to the same extent as the menu that distinguishes Da Vittorio, one of nine Italian restaurants to have three Michelin stars.

The two brothers, Enrico and Roberto, were both born into the culinary world, and both succumbed to a passion for cooking as children.

The restaurant has had an unmistakable, dynamic and vital culinary style for over 50 years, thanks to the instincts of its founder Vittorio, the head of the family, and to the developments wrought by his children who, in recent years, have integrated tradition with continual innovations in recipes and techniques.    

Today, it is Mrs. Bruna Cerea and her five children who run Da Vittorio. Enrico and Roberto preside over the kitchen, Francesco is in charge of the wine cellar and catering, Rossella is Head of Hospitality at the restaurant and the Dimora hotel, while Barbara manages Cavour 1880, the café-patisserie in Bergamo Alta.

The entire family collaborates, therefore, in continuing the long-standing success of the venture; although it is true that it is particularly thanks to Chicco Cerea, East Lombardy ambassador 2016, that the guidelines put in place have inspired and continue to inspire a cuisine defined simply by culinary critics as refined opulence.

At Brusaporto, substance prevails over style, with special effects which serve no purpose nowhere to be seen. The Cerea brothers are constantly searching for new inspirations and surprising raw materials, and masterfully control the techniques of contemporary cuisine, which they offer to their guests with elegant, surprising simplicity, alongside their dishes that symbolize classic cuisine. Experimentation and proud tradition hand in hand, accompanied by the enormous generosity of the welcome and every little thought.

The Cerea Brothers’ special recipe for Identità Golose

Their culinary art even extends outside of the kitchen, with a sharp and profound focus on training and publications that share their vast culinary knowledge in a refined style. Titles include: ‘Peccati di gola: trentasei dessert nelle ricette di Enrico Cerea e nelle immagini di Simone Casetta’ (Sins of Gluttony: 36 desserts with recipes by Enrico Cerea and images by Simone Casetta), a book in which 36 desserts are accompanied by an equal number of stunning landscapes; ‘Crudo Damare’ (Raw from the sea), dedicated to the purity of seafood, and an unmissable treasure for anyone who wants to appreciate and learn more about raw fish and related recipes; ‘Riso’ (Rice), which brings together the best recipes from Da Vittorio using rice; and ‘Storie e ricette della famiglia Cerea’ (Stories and recipes from the Cerea family), the book which celebrates 50 years of Da Vittorio and relates the family’s extraordinary adventure through images by Giovanni Gastel and the recipes that symbolize the era, photographed by Paolo Chiodini.

Da Vittorio

The Vittorio Relais & Chateaux is a mixture of Lombard tradition and creative genius. The Cerea brothers’ triple Michelin-starred menu offers up original and sensitive interpretations of meat and fish, game, seafood, truffles and mushrooms, but also vegetable dishes.

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