Albert Adrià

You can find our coffee in these restaurants:

Tickets, Niño Viejo, Pakta, Hoja Santa, Bodega 1900 and Enigma (Barcelona). 

Albert Adrià was born in 1969 in L'Hospitalet, Catalonia.

In 1985, he abandoned his studies to dedicate himself to the culinary world: at just 16 years old, he joined his brother Ferran in running elBulli, which was soon to become one of the best restaurants in the world.

He gained experience in all sectors of the kitchen, but fell under the spell of the mystical solitude of pastry-making. In 1987 he became the restaurant’s Head Pastry Chef, and for twenty years he experimented with recipes on the cutting edge of molecular gastronomy, a philosophy also advanced by Ferran.

Seeking new stimuli, Albert left elBulli in 2006 and opened Inopia Classic Bar, a tapas bar in the center of Barcelona. This was followed by a series of fresh ideas, including Bodega 1900, Yauarcan and Pakta, all established in Barcelona. When elBulli closed in 2011, the Adrià brothers created the first "amusement park with a culinary theme": elBarri continues to expand, and the restaurants that are part of it gain popularity, even as they gain Michelin stars.

The most recent—and most ambitious—project is called Enigma. In 2015, Heart opened in Ibiza, an experience that blended the gastronomic creativity of the Adrià brothers with the spectacle of the Cirque du Soleil.

Albert Adrià is a Lavazza Brand Ambassador; a collaboration sealed with ‘Cooking Coffee’, the book that brings together recipes from the chef which share one special ingredient: Lavazza coffee, promoted from a humble flavoring to the star of the show. 

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