Excellence means introducing simplicity into the unexpected while creating new forms and ways to transform coffee into something extraordinary.


This is how Coffee Design was born. It all started in 2001, thanks to the collaboration between the Chef Ferran Adrià and the Lavazza Training Centre, a real laboratory of taste in which creations like Coffee Caviar, the Nitro Cappuccino or the Coffee Lens came to life: experiments exploring the inextricable link between cuisine and coffee. The result of this initial synergy between Lavazza and the Spanish Chef, known as the alchemist of haute cuisine, takes the name of Èspesso: history’s first solid coffee.


In the following years, there was a constant exchange between Lavazza and the greatest Italian and international chefs: Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco, Davide Oldani, Ferran Adrià, these are just some of the masters of haute cuisine that collaborate with Lavazza to re-examine the way coffee can be served and savoured.


A pioneering movement that can push passion for coffee to the limit, enhancing its properties and elevating it to a genuine form of culinary art.