Coffee Pairing

Coffee, Tennis and Top Gastronomy

What ties these three worlds together? One word – passion.

Passion for delivering on the highest expectations, whether in the tennis court or in the kitchen.

This year, during Lavazza’s presence at Wimbledon, we met with three leading chefs to create three unforgettable pairings, bringing exquisite food and coffee recipes together.

Our Training Centre (where baristas learn the art of crafting exquisite coffee) worked alongside Lavazza Brand Ambassador Chefs Shaun Ranking, Carlo Cracco and Ernest Knam. The results? Formidable.


Shaun Rankin explored our Alteco blend’s unmistakable notes of honey and hazelnut, creating a dish that combines the delicate textures and flavours of fine meat and fish. He called it: When tuna meets veal. Our Training Centre paired Shaun’s creation with an iced coffee brew topped with soft, airy foam: Alteco celebrating Piedmont.



Carlo Cracco ventured through ¡Tierra! Colombia’s exotic aroma and complex notes of jasmine, dried fruit and milk chocolate, to craft a dish that is both stunning and subtly complex. His Soft egg, scent of saffron, asparagus and almond has a layered, lingering scent and a deliciously complex tapestry of flavours. Our Training Centre paired it with a unique combination of coffee and herbs, with Tierra Colombia’s Extract, fine herbs and citrus thought.



Ernest Knam, in creating his dish, paid due tribute to the setting, crafting a tennis ball-shaped desert to accompany our Kafa blend. The Knamace brings together sponge cake, Cumeo pepper, semi-candied lemon, jasmine, chocolate mousse and even gold, to create a mouthwatering delicacy, resting on a bed of dates and caper dust. The Lavazza Training Centre paired this masterpiece with an energizing Kafa-spiced injection.