The Factory of Taste

The art of Craft. Lavazza inspired Tastemakers and their unique crafts.

Lavazza's commitment to innovation has been going on for over 120 years, and this same commitment has inspired the art of select Tastemakers.

From the coffee chefs to the artisans, these artists capture the experiences of doing what they love – creating something unique, driven by a passion to elevate the small pleasures of life.

From Steve, the latte artist, to Nick, the glassblower, Lavazza has inspired tastemakers’ work whether in a coffee shop or a chef’s kitchen, leading to innovative coffee creations.

“The knowledge that has been passed down from family to family, it keeps the craft alive. Especially at this moment in time, having something unique and handcrafted adds value to the experience,” says Nick, the glassblower, who learned that the “Made in Italy” tradition and passion for handcrafted work can be nurtured and kept alive, generation after generation.

Muffie, the food scientist, and Igor, the bartender, love experimenting with Lavazza coffee beans. While Muffie is guided by her scientific mindset and techniques, Igor relies on his organoleptic sensations.

“Cooking is about transforming your food with science,” says Muffie.

The food scientist mixes coffee bean infused butter and individual orange segments frozen with liquid nitrogen, creating a unique cookie that has the intense aroma of coffee along with the acidic notes of oranges.

The bartender's approach is completely different, as Igor benefits from his knowledge and years of expertise preparing unique cocktails. His three secret keywords are aroma, infusion and balance.

“To make a perfect cocktail, you need to blend the right flavours together and find the right balance between those flavours,” says Igor, which is the same process that the Lavazza experts follow when they create each coffee blend.

Steve, the latte artist, is a coffee artisan who specializes in making those delicate works of art that balance on top of your lattes.

“It's an obsession!” says Steve. “When you find a pour that you really like and have perfected it, and then you look at it again and realize there is more work to be done.”

As Steve perfected his craft that goes beyond pouring a cup of coffee and enters into the art of presentation, Lavazza has continually worked for over 120 years on improving the taste profile and towards pursuing perfection in every cup.