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The coffee break

A time-out for relaxation for all workers worldwide... or beyond.

It is 2013, when in the International Space Station an Italian astronaut expresses a desire:

“A good coffee, that’s what I miss up here.”

And in response to an all-Italian desire comes a company that has made the art of being Italian its signature quality:

“Whoever wants to, will be able to drink a good Italian coffee anywhere in the world,”

... or even in outer space!

Turin, December 2013

Challenge and innovation have always been part of the Italian identity.

And so began the collaboration between Lavazza and Argotec, the Italian engineering company specialized in designing aerospace systems.

The Lavazza coffee had already reached the sky...

but until that moment, it had just seemed like a dream.

Calendar 2004 – Thierry Le Gouès

In 2004, the espresso cup enters orbit with Thierry Le Gouès. The photographer recreates a world made of coffee and sugar, in homage to Barbarella and the imaginary pop and sci-fi of the ’60s and ’70s.

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Calendar 2006 – Ellen von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth puts her signature to the 2005 Lavazza calendar. It portrays the luxury of flying as it once was, when the sky was for the few and filled the imagination with exotic paradises, cocktails & coffee, smiles and dreams.

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400 bar
Power supply
20 kg

After months of work a new star is born: ISSpresso, the first capsule espresso machine with the A Modo Mio Lavazza system, able to bring the experience of a coffee-bar-quality espresso into outer space.

The Taste
of Innovation

ISSpresso lights up the skies of innovation.
The technical characteristics of the machine make it suitable for preparing more than just espressos. It can also be used to heat water and hydrate food. The pod is 100% Arabica, grown in Brazil and Ethiopia, providing an Italian flavour. Not too strong, it appeals to everyone's palate. It corresponds to the “A Modo Mio Magia” capsule, widely available in supermarkets.

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ISSpresso continues its tour
on planet Earth
  • Impact. Innovate. Integrated Innovation Forum – Chicago 2016

  • “Astronauts” Exhibition, Toulouse 2016/2017

  • Expo – Kazakhstan 2017

  • Future Design Exhibition – Victoria & Albert Museum (May-November 2018)

  • It also appeared on the set of the Film LIFE

May 3, 2015 – 12:44 GMT
The perfect time for a good coffee!

400 km from Earth, the first outer space espresso is enjoyed.

Today, ISSpresso is still in orbit and awaiting future guests.

The next Italian on board will, once again, be able to savour a good coffee, even hundreds of miles from home.

A coffee is like a good story,

it’s a pleasure to be shared

Elements of the images used are provided by NASA.