Lavazza Coffee: When advertising makes history

Lavazza has always adopted an innovative approach to advertising.

The brand image strategy applied during the years is an expert blend of traditional Italian comedy and a fresh, state-of-the-art vision.

Day after


From the tennis courts to the world of taste, while reaching for the heavens, always mindful of our heritage. The passion for tennis, the work alongside master chefs, the blends that win hearts in the U.S.A., and the iconic Italian In Paradiso saga: the whole richness of Lavazza in a series of successful ad campaigns.
Born Social in 1895

The new Born Social ad celebrates the beverage that best represents Italy and Italianness worldwide. As Luigi Lavazza said, “Coffee isn’t just something to drink, it’s not just a coffee, it’s a way for us to get together”. And this is why the Born Social ad focuses on the universal nature of Italian coffee, its ability to connect people, and the importance of socializing as an all-Italian value that the whole world embraces.
A new star in Paradiso

The winds of change are blowing in Paradiso, thanks to a new, flamboyant in-ad celebrity: the Italian comedian Maurizio Crozza. A bizarre architect who wants to renovate all of heaven, and a Chinese mogul aiming to buy the sky are only a few of the characters he plays in the Paradiso campaign.

I’m back: Andre Agassi returns

The I’m Back campaign marks Andre Agassi’s official return to the U.S. Open, in a charitable role alongside Lavazza, a Grand Slam partner. An innovative campaign that sees as many as 150 Eighties-style Agassi clones roaming the streets of New York City, and a flash-mob of 150 Agassis. The video of the I’m Back campaign was aired and an online platform set up to share the news of the player’s great return and Lavazza’s presence at all four Grand Slam tournaments.

There’s more to taste

There’s more to taste is the invitation addressed by the 2015 international campaign to coffee lovers on the occasion of Lavazza’s 120th anniversary. The ad, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amélie), tells the story of how the Company’s founder, Luigi Lavazza, came to discover coffee-growing countries and how he started developing the art of blending. The outstanding voice-over performance is delivered by Sergio Castellitto, who, in the closing scene, recites the words that inspired a young and entrepreneurial Luigi Lavazza: “In life, there’s always something new to discover.”
From Italy with passion

From Italy with passion is the international campaign dedicated to Lavazza A Modo Mio. The commercial shows the story of an Italian barista who, whenever hearing a Lavazza A Modo Mio coffeemaker being switched on, would set off, with a tray and a cup in his hands, from the café at San Tommaso 10, in Turin, Italy, where Lavazza’s story began in 1895. The barista then walks through various Italian cities, gathering the experiences, smiles and flavours that are typical of the Bel Paese, until he virtually delivers these values to homes around the world.

Buongiorno America!

There is no better way of waking up and saying ‘good morning’ than with an exquisite Italian Lavazza coffee. And not just in Italy. Since September 2013, the passion for coffee and Italian excellence has also reached American homes with a new range of blends. Buongiorno America: there’s a new coffee in town is the advertising campaign launched in major U.S. magazines, newspapers and websites.


Welcome Enrico

The Paradiso campaign is updated once again, welcoming Enrico Brignano into its celestial landscape. It’s the star’s first appearance as a product ambassador in a TV ad. Brignano, at the height of his career, adds a fresh, new take that propels the natural evolution of Italy’s longest-running and best-loved TV campaign.


Carmencita 2.0

Carmencita returns to the small screen with a cult, 12-episode sitcom. Bold, ironic, full of personality and humour, it’s an original, effective way to raise awareness about the brand, with the non-commercial context making it even more valuable. The sitcom also supported the launch of the Carmencita blend.

New goals
Lavazza ventures out of Italy, bringing its message to the world: a message delivered by iconic stars like Luciano Pavarotti, Monica Vitti and Mariagrazia Cucinotta.
The Paradiso campaign

Coffee makes everything better—even Heaven. This is the idea behind the new Paradiso campaign, starring Tullio Solenghi and Riccardo Garrone as St. Peter. The directors include Gabriele Salvatores (Cinema Paradiso) and Alessandro D’Alatri (Americano Rosso).

Europe speaks Italian

Lavazza continues its commitment to international advertising campaigns:
  - In France, with the Bel Canto poster campaign.
  - In Germany, with the Wie in Italien campaign.
Lavazza also launches its first Europe-wide campaign, connecting the brand to the values it shares with its country of origin and presenting Lavazza as a little sip of Italy. The campaign includes two TV commercials and four press ads.


Italian espresso, European ads

Lavazza develops a variety of TV campaigns with the aim of raising brand awareness and furthering its expansion. Once again, the theme is Italian style: in Germany, with the Soul of Espresso campaign; in Switzerland, with L’Italiano vero; and in the United Kingdom, with The Italian expression for coffee.


A new testimonial

In France, Lavazza airs an adaptation of the Italian Lavazza ad campaign featuring Luciano Pavarotti and Monica Vitti. After 17 years with the great Nino, Lavazza changes its communication strategy. Four product ambassadors are chosen to avoid direct comparisons with Manfredi: Luciano Pavarotti, Monica Vitti, Giorgio Forattini and Bud Spencer.


Winning lines


The early international Lavazza press and TV advertising campaigns are launched. The slogan, Italy’s favourite coffee, clearly connects Lavazza with the theme of Italianness. Just a few years later, the Crema e Gusto product is launched, presented, as always, by Nino Manfredi. This launch is accompanied by a new slogan: Crema e Gusto. Any time’s the right time. Lavazza is now the market leader in Italy.

The early


Lavazza sets off on a pioneering exploration of the world of communication, in Italy:
From its iconic logo, to the humorous Carosello, all the way to the choice of Nino Manfredi as the perfect ambassador for the brand’s values.

Ladies and gentlemen: Nino Manfredi

Lavazza changes its advertising strategy in order to consolidate the brand by using a new TV campaign format, adding the brand ambassadors’ influence to support the narration: Nino Manfredi, a well-loved personality and a celebrity in the best sense of the term. Manfredi was the face of Lavazza coffee until 1993.
The campaign’s slogans became common parlance, thanks to the memorable lines:
Coffee’s a pleasure, and if it isn’t good coffee, what’s the pleasure? Lavazza coffee, the more you down, the more it picks you up!



When television was first introduced to Italy, the advertising show “Carosello” was the most popular program. Lavazza left its mark, of course, with a long series of memorable TV commercials. The Paulista cartoons make their first appearance, and Caballero Misterioso and Carmencita, with their rhymes and comical Spanish, instantly became household names: their adventures continue until 1975


What a fragrance, amigos!

A poster with a South American feel, embracing the themes of coffee, warmth and love, launching the first industrially-produced coffee with nationwide distribution. Two years after its debut, Paulista’s charisma leads him to star in a series of comedy videos.


A new brand is born

The Lavazza brothers launch the first branded coffee. The Lavazza logo is created and a key marketing decision is made: to sell the Lavazza blend in pre-packaged bags featuring the Lavazza logo in order to advertise the brand’s image directly. The slogan of the first Lavazza campaign is Miscela Lavazza... Paradiso in tazza. (Lavazza… Heaven in a cup).