Four students. Two coffee plantations in the heart of the Dominican Republic. One journey through sustainability, retracing results and plotting new paths.
The project
The young international students in the Coffee Study Program share the same vision of a sustainable future.

Their journey starts in Turin, Italy, exploring Lavazza, our company, our Foundation and our projects.
Next stop, Central America.

We take our students to the Dominican Republic, accompanying them through plantations, introducing them to coffee farmers and associations involved in the production process. We do it because this firsthand experience is the best way for them to discover a sustainable way to grow, harvest and roast coffee—one that respects both individuals and the environment.

The goal of this 14-day experience is to show the students that Lavazza truly believes that global change is possible.
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    Sustainable agrotechnology systems’ economy

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    Institutional commitment

  • 3

    Social sustainability

  • 4

    Environmental sustainability and climate change

The students
Between 23 and 26 years old, and with different academic backgrounds, they all share the same goal: taking care of our planet.
The travel diary
Live updates and reports of the students’ experiences will be posted on our social media channels.
A family tradition
Lavazza’s commitment towards the world’s human, cultural and environmental heritage began early on, in 1945, through the will and passion of its founder, Luigi Lavazza. That commitment continues to this day, handed down from generation to generation. The Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Onlus Foundation was born in 2004, with the goal of championing and bringing to life inspiring projects across the globe, wherever coffee is made.