Our sustainability report delivered concrete results. Based on this foundation, Lavazza will continue to work to reduce its environmental impact at every level of the production process.

A few years ago, the company embarked on a path to evaluate the environmental performance of some of its key products. They used a methodological approach - the Life Cycle Assessment - to study raw materials, processing methods in the countries of origin of coffee and in production plants in Italy, packaging, coffee machines, the transport of raw materials and finished products, through to the disposal of used products.


A Sustainability Report was produced for the first time in 2012. The company acknowledged the results achieved through its commitment to sustainability and pledged to continue on that path.


The Lavazza ¡Tierra! project also extends to Brazil, India, Peru and Tanzania, involving an increasing number of rural farmers and communities. A story told through the evocative images of Steve McCurry’s photographic project, each image presented without filters and rich in meaning.

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