It was 1957 and Italy was enjoying a full economic boom. Beppe and Pericle began to move production to an industrial scale; in the coffee sector, we were the largest company in Italy and were set to become the leaders in Europe.

The great Lavazza roasting industry was born in the head office on Corso Novara, and the innovative “fall-flow” processing cycle enabled the company to process over 40,000 kg of coffee a day using a more efficient vertical production process; it was a real innovation in Italy.


Two years later, in 1959, we launched the first Lavazza decaffeinated coffee: the Dec. Our industrial growth continued with the opening of the largest roasting manufacturing plant in Europe in 1965, in Settimo Torinese.


The first autobar, designed by Boneschi, was unveiled at the Turin Salone del Mobile in 1959. It was a new and original way of spreading the word about our coffee and allowing people to enjoy it, even outdoors.

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