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Passion, determination, commitment, preparation and honesty: these are the principles that have nourished the spirit of Lavazza for four generations. It is also what we seek in anyone who wants to work with us, because working with Lavazza means being part of a family that shares the same values.
Excellence stems from collaboration between those who share great ambition.
Luigi Lavazza
Our Code of Conduct for suppliers
In 2012, we formalized our values in a Code of Ethics which we have shared with all our internal and external stakeholders via special training courses. Since then, we have asked all suppliers who work with us to agree with our philosophy of environmental and social sustainability by signing a special Code of Conduct designed for them.

Become a Lavazza supplier

We work every day to offer our customers an excellent product. For this reason, we demand the best from our suppliers, which we select based on merit, reliability and competitiveness, but also on the basis of respect for the environment and social commitment.