Our Values

Lavazza's history is about a business which for over 120 years has pursued perfection in every cup. Passion for achieving excellence and for high quality products are the values embedded in Lavazza’s DNA since its foundation in 1895, and upheld by four generations of entrepreneurs.

Each family member involved in the company has helped to grow the business, transforming a small grocery store into a coffee leader worldwide. Today's company is still very true to its founder Luigi Lavazza, maintaining the spirit for continuous improvement and innovation.

“It‘s about doing business with your heart”
in the words of Emilio Lavazza
Our way of doing business is an example of sustainability: it is all about quality in cup shared with people that surround us, starting from the Lavazza employees to our family and friends.
Lavazza is very focused on improving overall development of the countries where we buy coffee.

For over ten years we have been working directly with projects that support sustainability of local communities in Central and South America, Africa and Asia, helping small coffee producers to improve the local economy and community life, including working and environmental conditions.

All these qualities define the values of our company leading us to be recognized worldwide as a company who is committed to improve overall social conditions for all workers.